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Pre Order "Stucco Thieves" here!

Sediment Club is very excited to announce the release of our next LP album "STUCCO THIEVES" on Wharf Cat Records, out May 25th! This comes with a lot of exciting news, including our Joint Record Release party with The Dreebs May 31st at SPR ( ) and the launch of our new website with tour dates and more!

We are streaming our first single off the record, "The Payoff" now on Le Canal Auditif. listen here:…/the-sediment-club-the-payoff/

Pre order special edition copies of"STUCCO THIEVES" here through Wharf Cat Records : We are excited to share this new material with all of you! thank you #thesedimentclub #stuccothieves #wharfcatrecords

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